The Sloane Lab Framework

Historical Collections Room Sloane Herbarium Natural History Museum
Historical Collections Room, Sloane Herbarium, Natural History Museum

The Framework brings together sustainable, scalable and inclusive digital innovation practices and expertise where the reunified collections, tools for interacting with them and demonstrators are documented and disseminated. Through sustainable documentation the subjectivities, inequalities and racial hierarchies of the western museum are foregrounded in the Sloane Lab, and frame downloadable data sets, ensuring downstream uses of data have algorithmic accountability locked-in, fostering a rigorous digital ethics. The framework disseminates the infrastructure and expertise of the project, including policy-based recommendations, white papers, best practice reports, methods, and approaches to automating semantic and structural annotation of digital cultural heritage.

Data Atlas

The first and key component of the Sloane Lab Framework is the Data Atlas, whose aim is to gather relevant information about catalogues and datasets for charting the resources that potentially can be integrated into the Sloane Lab knowledge base.

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