System Architecture

The software architecture is under development. The system infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The core components are deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which has a public subnet in London region, Zone A.  The infrastructure environment is built based on cloud services provided by AWS for example: Network Access Control (ACL) – Routing Table – Application Load Balancer – Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) – Amazon Cognito – Lambda function – AWS Certificate – Hosted zones – Lightsail

The Sloane Lab System Architecture

Software packages and web services are installed and deployed on EC2 instance, where we store and integrate data collection and serve end users. The knowledge base is hosted on Metaphactory which is a platform for knowledge graph management.  Metaphactory is deployed in a docker container, and it is configured to use GraphDB as a database backend. The figure above presents the main system components on AWS.

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