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  • Searching for Jamaican plants in the Sloane Lab

    Sloane Lab co-design participants at the Natural History Museum

    Photos & details from Sloane Lab’s recent Participatory Activity. Date of Event: 23 Oct. 2022 Place: Natural History Museum Explorers Family Festival Description: A digital jam on the use of plain English vs/specialised terminology for botanical specimens and their cultural meanings. The activity facilitates knowledge exchange on ways in which non-specialist users engage with Sir Hans Sloane…

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  • Sloane Lab Student Placement Report: Ray Analysis

    Writes Dr Victoria Pickering, Post-Doc Research Fellow (Natural History Museum). Kexin Li, a UCL student in MSc Digital Humanities worked with the NHM team on a part time basis for six weeks. The NHM work package continues to be focused on mobilising data from Sloane’s copy of John Ray’s Historia Plantarum, the publication in which he…

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