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About the project

The project aims catalogue in depth, and eventually transcribe, the contents of Sir Hans Sloane’s correspondence. The correspondence of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) consists of thirty-eight volumes held at the British Library, London: MSS 4036-4069, 4075-4078. The letters are a rich source of information about topics such as scientific discourse, collections of antiquities, curiosities and books, patients’ illnesses, medical treatments and family history. Most of the letters were addressed to Sloane, but a few volumes were addressed to others (MSS 4063-4067) or written by Sloane (MSS 4068-4069).

Type of collection, contemporary or historic

This is a modern online collection of the historic letters (Sloane’s correspondence).

Information on digitisation

The database update and conversion as well as the construction of the site in 2016 was performed by Volant systems, working in partnership with the University of Essex.

The letters are fully transcribed.


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