Data Atlas

The aim of the data atlas is to gather relevant information about catalogues and datasets for charting the resources that potentially can be integrated into the Sloane Lab knowledge base. The benefit for creating the atlas is bifold; a) help to realise the breadth and availability of resources and b) help to identify their current state and format so to design appropriate data mapping and ingestion approaches. We have devised a template for data collection that is used as the assessment tool to enable consistent review and recording of characteristics and attributes of datasets and catalogues.

The template contains the three main sections, Background, Resource Material, Rights and Usage. The atlas collates information under the following areas; About the resource , Type of resource and contents, Information on digitisation and digital creation, Material included in the original collection, Metadata, Media and formats, Online availability and access, API / Download, Usage and citation, Contact Person and Further information.

The atlas has identified the following resources:

  • A Digital Edition of Ms 3972c Vol Vi, Sloane’s Catalogue of Books And Printed Ephemera
  • A Digital Edition of Sloane Ms 3972b Of Folios Listing Manuscript Material Removed From 3972
  • A Digital Edition of Sir Hans Sloane’s Catalogues of Miscellanies, Antiquities, Seals, Pictures, Mathematical Instruments, Agate Handles, Agate Cups, Bottles, Spoons
  • A Digital Edition of Sir Hans Sloane’s Catalogue of Fossils Including Coralls, Serpents, Echini, Crustacea, Starrfishes, Humana, (volume I)
  • A Digital Edition of Sir Hans Sloane’s Catalogue of Fossils Including Fishes, Birds, Eggs, Quadrupeds (volume V)
  • Specimens From Sloane’s Voyage To Jamaica – Sloane Herbarium
  • John Ray’s Historia Plantarum, Sloane’s Personal Copy
  • British Museum Collection Online
  • British Library Sloane Printed Books Catalogue
  • British Library Catalogue of Sloane Manuscripts
  • Draft Minutes of Royal Society During Time Sloane Was Secretary
  • Sloane Letters Project

As the Data Atlas is now being developed, if you are interested in any of the above, please contact us to provide you with more infromation.

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