Sloane Lab Seminar Series 2023: (Re)connecting heritage collections as data, infrastructure and participatory engagement [Video Presentations]

Julianne Nyhan taking during the Sloane Lab Seminar Series 2023

The video presentations of the Sloane Lab Seminar Series 2023 have now been released and you can watch them below. From the 25th of May to the 22nd of June the Sloane Lab organised the seminar series (Re)connecting heritage collections as data, infrastructure and participatory engagement: big dreams, big challenges. The series welcomed a range of speakers interested in the intersections between collections as data, cataloguing histories and critical archival studies, heritage infrastructures, critical digital heritage, and information science. The seminar series was funded by Towards a National Collection and convened by Julianne Nyhan (TU Darmstadt & UCL), Andrew Flinn (UCL), Nina Pearlman (UCL), Andreas Vlachidis (UCL), Jeremy Hill (British Museum), Mark Carine (Natural History Museum), James Baker (University of Southampton) and Alexandra Ortolja-Baird (University of Portsmouth). Please note, not all speakers gave permission for the whole of their presentation to be recorded.

25th of May, 2023


  1. Kathleen Lawther
    Freelance Curator/Collections Researcher
    “People make the data: Museum Makers, people-centred cataloguing and collections as data”
  2. Florence Okoye
    Qualitative researcher, User Experience and Service designer, Natural History Museum
    “Approaches for anti-colonial narratives through digital collections”

1st of June, 2023


  1. Koraljka Golub
    Professor, iInstitute, Linnaeus University, co-leader of LNU’s Digital Humanities Initiative, programme coordinator for M.A. in Digital Humanities “Subject access in online information services for humanities: the case of LGBTQI fiction”
  2. Inna Kizhner
    Research Fellow, Digital Humanities Lab, Haifa University
    “Exploring epistemic bias in museum collections”

8th of June, 2023


  1. Lucille Junkere
    Visual artist, educator and researcher with recent research focusing on the legacy of colonialism in African Caribbean textile history
    “Cultural Colours Jamaica”
  2. Benjamin Lee
    Incoming Assistant Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington, Kluge Fellow in Digital Studies at the Library of Congress
    “Reimagining Search and Discovery for Digital Collections with Machine Learning”

15th of June, 2023


  1. Ananda Rutherford was unable to join the event on the day due to sickness
  2. Jane Collings (Stevenson)
    Archivist, Archival Cataloguing
    “The Shortcomings of and Opportunities for Archival Cataloguing to Create a Fuller Picture of Our Histories”

22nd of June, 2023

  1. Rosemary Grennan
    Mayday Rooms archive
    “Leftovers Digital Archive: Somewhere between automation and the handmade”
  2. Amalia S. Levi
    Archivist/Cultural heritage Professional, HeritEdge Connection, Bonn University’s Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
    “Archival Dependencies: The Cascading Violence of Colonial Records”

We look forward to welcome you to our next Sloane Lab Seminar Series in 2024!