Who holds the data? Connecting cultivated plants to specimens in the Sloane Lab

Our upcoming activity is organised in collaboration with the Heritage Seed Library. Its purpose is to understand:

1) the relevance of historical catalogues in contemporary society through represented plants cultivated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially in relation to gardeners, members of the Heritage Seed Library, and wider networks;

2) what kind of knowledge users might be interested to find/search/use when searching the collections online to understand how catalogues could be enhanced,

3) gather new data from users that can enrich the Sloane Lab Knowledge base and Data Atlas.

Ultimately the activity hopes to open new conversations about plants from the Natural History Museum data portal (including historical catalogues) to understand potential new questions to be asked in relation to the historical catalogues and facilitate knowledge exchange between the Sloane Lab and community heritage organisations.

Date and time of event: 19th April 2023, from 11am to 3pm

Place: UCL, Levinsky Room (Ground Floor 30 Guilford Street) in UCL GOSICH Wellcome Trust Building